Indie Artists: Understand your fans.

You have Instagram, YouTube, spreadsheets of fan information, LinkTree and more - bring these into one platform where you can actually understand how things are going and grow your fans.

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#1 Instant answers about your data

Type a question and we'll get the answer from your Spotify, Eventbrite, Shopify, Mailchimp data instantly.

#2 Interact with fans personally

Want to message everyone who bought a ticket to your LA show? Easy. How about messaging those who bought merchandise? Just ask a question, and click a button.

#3 See individual fans

Alex bought a ticket to your show a few years ago, now Alex is buying merchandise from you and following your Instagram. With all your data in one place you can see individual fans interactions over time.

#4 Your career in one place

With all your data in one place you can pin the things you care about to one dashboard - making it easy to see how you're doing across streaming, sales, and mailing lists.

For Creators

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