Understand your Mailchimp data with AI.

Pull all your Mailchimp data into Offstage and understand it by writing questions in plain English. Combine with your other data sources to understand your fans better than ever.

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#1 Instant answers about your data

Type a question and we'll get the answer from your Spotify, Eventbrite, Shopify, Mailchimp data instantly.

#2 Interact with fans personally

Want to message everyone who bought a ticket to your LA show? Easy. How about messaging those who bought merchandise? Just ask a question, and click a button.

#3 See individual fans

Alex bought a ticket to your show a few years ago, now Alex is buying merchandise from you and following your Instagram. With all your data in one place you can see individual fans interactions over time.

#4 Your career in one place

With all your data in one place you can pin the things you care about to one dashboard - making it easy to see how you're doing across streaming, sales, and mailing lists.

For Creators

Offstage is for anyone managing a fanbase - particularly DIY musicians and music managers. Get started today for free.